Ethephon 39 % SL (480 g/l) Supplier Exporter India

Ethephon 39% SL (480 g/l) Crop Protection Plant Growth Regulators Promoters (PGR) Manufacturer Exporter and Technical Supplier in Gujarat, India

  • Ethephon is a systemic plant growth regulator belonging to the phosphonate family. It is readily absorbed by the plant and releases ethylene which is a natural plant hormone. Ethylene influences directly several physiological processes (ripening, maturation etc) and stimulates the production of endogenous ethylene.

  • Ethephon is used on cereals (wheat, barley, rye and rice) to increase resistance to lodging through straw shortening and strengthening, fruits and vegetables to promote fruit maturity (early and uniform ripening and colouring of mature fruits), ornamentals to stimulate flowering and sidebranching and to reduce plant height, cotton to promote uniform boll opening and enhance defoliation, and rubber to increase yield (latex flow) and to reduce bark consumption.

  • Ethephon formulations are registered in more than 60 countries around the world.

  • In India, Ethephon is approved as an effective hormone spray on rubber, mango, coffee, pineapple, tomato and pomegranate plants for achieving the following functions:

    • Inducing flowering

    • Inducing ripening

    • Enlarging fruit size

    • Increasing yield

  • We supply best quality Ethephon 39% SL [48% w/v] (Soluble Liquid Concentrate) in India as well as for Export to various countries around the world.

  • Packaging: HDPE bottles, Labeling, Leaflets, Corrugated box (UN approved packaging)

  • Pack Sizes (SKUs): 1 Ltr, 500 ML, 5 Liter (or as per requirement); Per box quantity: 10 Litres

  • 200 Ltr drums for liquid.