Some of the well known Crop Protection Agrochemicals and Pesticides Brands manufactured and packed by us include :

Machete (Butachlor) for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Lasso(Alachlor) for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Fastmix (Butachlor) for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Roundup Speed (Glyphosate) for Monsanto India Ltd.

Seamer (Imidacloprid) for E.I Dupont India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

VAM C (Chlormequat Chloride) for Jubilant Agro Pvt. Ltd.

  • Machete ® : Butachlor 50 % EC for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Butachlor is an herbicide of the acetanilide class. It is used as a selective pre-emergent herbicide for transplanted rice.

  • Lasso ® : Alachlor 50 % EC for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Alachlor is an herbicide from the chloroacetanilide family.It is used to control the growth of broad-leafed weeds and grasses in corn , soya bean , cotton and many other crops.

  • Fastmix TM : Buatchlor 50 % EW for Sinochem India Co. Pvt. Ltd.

  • Roundup Speed TM : Glyphosate 71 % SG for Monsanto India Ltd.
  • Glyphosate is an aminophosphonic analogue of the natural amino acid glycine and is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used to kill weeds, especially annual broad leaf weeds and grasses.

  • Seamer TM : Imidacloprid 17.8 % SL for E.I. DuPont India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide which acts as an insect neurotoxin and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids which act on the central nervous system of insects with much lower toxicity to mammals.

  • Vam C (Ramban) : Chlormequat Chloride 50 % SL for Jubilant Agro & Consumer Products Ltd.
  • Chlormequat is a plant growth regulator used on ornamental plants. It is typically used as the chloride salt and is used to increase yields in wheat, rye, oats, and triticale; promote flower formation and improve fruit setting in pears, almonds, vines, olives, and tomatoes; to prevent premature fruit drop in pears, apricots, and plums. Also used on cotton, vegetables, tobacco, sugar cane, mangoes, and other crops.