Pesticides Formulation India

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Pesticides Agrochemicals Formulation India
  • We provide Best Quality Crop Protection Pesticides formulation and Agrochemicals formulation and blending on contract manufacturing and job work basis in Gujarat India.
  • Contact for manufacturing, supply and packaging job work for
    • Insecticides formulations
    • Herbicides formulations
    • Fungicides formulations
    • Plant Growth Regulators formulations
    • Agrochemical formulations
  • We provide quality Crop Protection Pesticides and Agrochemicals formulation and packaging at our state of the art Manufacturing and Formulation facility for reputed Indian and Multinational agriculture companies.
  • Some of the well known brands formulated and packed by us include : Machete, Fastmix (Butachlor) for Sincohem India Co Pvt Ltd, Seamer (Imidacloprid) for E I Dupont India Pvt Ltd, Roundup Speed (Glyphosate) for Monsanto India Ltd, VAM - C (Chlormequat) for Jubilant Agri and Consumer Products Ltd