Gujarat Pesticides Formulation Job Work

Gujarat Pesticides Formulation Job Work | Pesticides Agrochemicals Formulation Job Work Vadodara Gujarat India | Agrochemicals Formulation Job Work India
Gujarat pesticides agrochemicals formulation India


      • We provide top quality Pesticides and Agrochemicals formulation job work at our unit in Vadodara, Gujarat, India for various Agro and Crop Protection companies.
      • We have two 5000 liter, two 2000 liter and one 1 KL formulation vessels for formulating various Pesticides emulsifiable concentrates ( EC ) , Insecticides emulsion concentrates, Herbicides water emulsions ( EW ) and emulsion concentrates, Fungicides EC formulations , Soluble concentrates SL SC Agrochemicals etc.
      • See Products section for the list of all pesticides and agrochemicals formulated.