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Agrochemical Job Work India

Agrochemicals Job Work Gujarat India | Best Quality Agriculture Chemicals Job Work Gujarat | Agri Chemicals Contract Manufacturing Supply Packaging Job Work | Crop Protection Agrochemicals India

Agrochemicals Job Work Gujarat India
    • We provide  best quality fine Agrochemicals : solid and liquid formulations ( EC, EW, SC, SL, CS, SP, WP, WDG, SG ) Job Work packing in various pack sizes : 1 Liter / Kg, 5 Liter / Kg, 500 ML / Grams, 250 ML / Grams, 100 ML / Grams in Tins , Plastic and HDPE bottles , Laminated Aluminium Pouches.
    • Agrochemicals are manufactured, formulated, supplied and packed for Indian and Multinational Agriculture companies in India on contract manufacturing and job work basis.
    • Crop Protection Agrochemicals for Export are also supplied.
    • Check the Products section for all the registered agrochemicals available with us.
    • Contact for complete Pesticide and Agrochemical job work and supply solution to various Indian states : Punjab - Bhatinda, Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttranchal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and other south states.